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"EDUS- EDUCATION FOR ALL" is a not-for-profit organization, registered in December 2010 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, with a vision to achieve the full learning potential of each child. Since 2010, we have provided a multidisciplinary, evidence-based approach to teaching children with severe developmental disorders (80% have ASD diagnosis), in the absence of an appropriate, successful approach and support system for this vulnerable group from the governments of B&H. Most of our children would have no opportunity for any kind of education if EDUS programs did not exist. The founders of EDUS include Dr. Nirvana Pistoljevic (Teachers College, Columbia University), professionals and parents who strive for the best and most advanced practices, supported by the continuous and measured progress of each child. We continually advance the level of knowledge of all our children, educators, therapists and parents through intense parent and professional staff education. In addition, EDUS contributes to the world's efforts to enhance the education of children with developmental disabilities by continuously conducting research and presenting and publishing internationally.

Currently, we daily operate 13 classrooms with 140 children (18 months through 14 years old), training 45 educators/therapists/medical professionals, working with 200 parents, and providing training and consultation services across B&H. Unfortunately, the waiting list to get into our program is always long since we are an NGO and function solely on donations. currently waiting for their chance to receive treatment, but we do not have a proper space to work, nor direct support of any kind from the governments of BiH. Today, in our classroom we serve children and families who have moved from across BiH and internationally or come for consultations from across Europe. We train students and professionals from the USA, Canada, Italy, Serbia, Kosovo, Bulgaria, England and others. Currently, EDUS is collaborating with UNICEF and creating a system of Early Childhood Developmental Centers/Room at the local Health Clinics throughout B&H, where children from birth through 6 years old and their families, can get education, proper stimulation and prevent development of disabilities. EDUS is training nurses, pediatricians and support staff at clinics, creating validated developmental assessment tools, educational materials and curricula for the Centers/Rooms. This program is targeting typically developing and  at-risk  children throughout the country. Also, we are always working on raising awareness about Autism, therefore we have created educational materials, produced children's "inclusive" play, educational video games, etc. One of our current efforts is a production of a children educational interactive sensory book, since children in B&H have no access to such educational developmental materials. Dr. Pistoljevic has turned a picture book produced by EDUS into an e-book and educational video game accessible to all children in BHS and English.

We are kindly asking for your support in continuing to provide evidence-based quality support to children and their families, raising awareness about the needs these children have and the possibilities for their future if an appropriate education system/support was in place. We believe so much in what we do and care so deeply to make a difference in their lives and lives of their whole families. Any help (financial, educational materials, lobbying, collaboration, research projects, PR, etc.) is welcome and it will bring a smile to all of our students and educators!

You can follow our work on Facebook group: "EDUS-EDUKACIJA ZA SVE" and our website, and ask for any additional information via email

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and/or phone number +387 62 696 235.

If you would like to make a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATION, you can do so through BHAAAS website (www., by clicking on "DONATE for EDUS (CLICK TO PAY/DONATE)" button (top - right  side) and following the instructions. You can also make a donation in person at EDUS classrooms in Sarajevo, or directly through our accounts listed on the website

Thank You all for your support!


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